ICR's Dinosaur Tissue Expert Brian Thomas on RSR

Biologist Brian Thomas, Institute for Creation Research(2019 updates below) * RSR Interviews a Leading Expert on Fresh Fossils: Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart interviews Dallas science writer Brian Thomas (masters in biology; 2019 University of Liverpool paleobiochemistry Ph.D.), the dinosaur soft tissue expert with the Institute for Creation Research. Thomas talks about the December 2015 peer-reviewed paper in the Journal of Proteome Research that breaks new ground, vocabulary wise, and without beating around the bush, or unnecessary caveats, reports directly on "Blood Vessels from Dinosaurs"! Many scientists agree with Brian and Bob's obvious assessment that dinosaur soft tissue discoveries falsify the claim that these fresh fossils are millions of years old. Bob also discusses the astounding discoveries reported on in Creation magazine, on Bats and Pitcher Plants, with the article's author, again, Brian Thomas!

* Today's Program Updates our 2013 Interview: RSR invite you to enjoy also our 2013 interview with Brian.

* Factors that Lead to Tissue Decomposition: The folowing list is based on Brian Thomas' presentation at a Pittsburg creation conference in August 2013. Of the suggestions proposed by evolutionists to explain the apparent contradiction of soft tissue in allegedly million-year-old fossils, Real Science Radio suggests that you do your own scientific analysis, and figure out which of these factors are addressed by the various old-age rescue devices (see Toast, the Iron Maiden, Fenton chemistry & glycation):

- Hydrolysis
- Chemotropism
- Microbes
- Friction
- Oxidation
- Autolysis
- Radioactive decay
- Temperature changes
- Molecular motion

* Three Related Lines of Evidence Shoring Up the Young Earth Interpretation: To complicate matters for old earthers, there is an intersection in the date regarding dinosaur soft tissue, unracemized left-handed amino acids, and short-lived Carbon 14, which must all be explained to understand the true age of fossils. (1) Significant amounts of short-lived 14c is measured in diamonds, dinosaur fossils, natural gas, and coal. (2) There's mostly left-handed amino acids (not yet decayed to a 50/50 right-to-left ratio as should happen in only thousands of years) in chert and dinosaur eggshells. (3) There's flexible and even transparent blood vessels, cells, and even T. rex and hadrosaur DNA (with a half-life of ~521 years) in dinosaur soft tissue fossils. Many such lines of evidence (multiplying as at youngearth.com) undermine the claim by evolutionists that soft tissue can last for hundreds of millions of years, and that the plentiful 14c in "ancient" specimens must come from contamination or neutron capture. This three-fold evidence helps to confirm the young earth interpretation of the data.

* Some Handy Fresh Fossils Links:
- RSR's clickable version of ICR's list of peer-reviewed papers reporting biological material
- The fabulous ICR.com/fresh-fossils page of articles by Brian Thomas
- ICR's Acts & Facts fun article, How does a dog smell fossils?
- The web's most comprehensive survey of published papers, RSR's List of Dinosaur Soft Tissue Finds
- Hear next week's conclusion, now online, of this List of Fresh Fossils program.

For today's show Real Science Radio recommends
Dr. Carl Werner's DVDs, Living Fossils
its prequel Evolution, the Grand Experiment!

* Dr. Werner Compliments the RSR Dino Soft Tissue Page: Carl Werner complimented our DinosaurSoftTissue.com urging us to continue pressing the issue. We agree! With God's help, we'll continue to reach thousands of people with the web's most complete catalog of peer-reviewed journal papers confirming the existence of original biological tissue from dinosaurs!

* 2019 Update: Here's Brian Thomas' great article refuting the "Toast Model", the rescue device in the evolutionist's hopes of saving deep time from dinosaur soft tissue, published in the March 2019 issue of ICR's Acts & Facts, with RSR photoshopping Brian and an excerpt onto the truncated cover...

March 2019 cover of Acts & Facts with Brian Thomas' soft tissue article excerpted... 

From Brian's article: "About 10 years ago, I began tracking reports of soft tissue discoveries in fossils. By 2013, I had compiled a list of around 40 secular technical journal articles that describe either literal soft tissues or tissue remnants that include protein framents and original biochemistry in [allegedly] very old fossils. Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart and I continue to curate that growing list online. In November 2018, it surpassed 101 journal articles." See that at bflist.rsr.org, at 108 papers as of November 2019.

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