Christian Linguini College & Reason #476

Private Message -- Don't read this unless your name is Dave Kintzele: Dave, hi! Please call the studio and leave your number and email ID. We need to reschedule Bob's meeting with you on Tuesday. Hopefully we can do it sooner. Thanks Dave for your years of friendship! -The BEL Crew 

Bob Enyart reports the news. A Christian college in South Carolina assures homosexuals that its own policy on sexual morality is meaningless. Callers thank BEL for taking a strong stand against homosexuality. Bob also talked about: this morning's fireball that streaked across the Denver sky; the recent asteroid flyby with a moon in tow; and reason #476 to keep your kids out of public school. Finally, Sunday morning's sermon at DBC will be How To Be a Godly Man, and you're invited, in person, or via our sermon subscriptions!