RSR: Jesus & Anne Habermehl Use the Septuagint

Psalm 90 in the Septuagint

Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart interviews harpist and creation author Anne Habermehl on the Septuagint, which is a Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament, the version of the Scriptures frequently quoted from in the New Testament by Jesus Christ and his apostles.

Photo of Ann Habermehl playing the harp* See Also: Anne Habermehl on H. erectus being an ape.

* Age of the Earth: (June 2021 update: We've just embedded the second video below which has the relevant geneaology data, and while it's easily found there and online, we plan to post to this page a comparison of the ages in the Genesis geneaologies.) Instead of using a 6,000-year age for the Earth, RSR has usually said that God created the Earth "less than 10,000 years ago", in part because the Septuagint's ages for the patriarchs calculates closer to a 7,000 year old earth. Recently, Dr. Walt Brown's efforts, see, to scientifically date the global flood, yield a date closer to that of the Septuagint, although Dr. Brown perhaps has not seen, and at any rate has arrived at a different conclusion as compared to the following video...

"215 Years in Egypt" says the Septuagint, et al. If you enjoy this program and the following video, then you really might want to mosey on over to!

* See Visualy the Genesis Genealogies: about the date of the Flood and the age of the Earth, but then see our own video segment, embedded further below, on the meaning of the Earth being divided in the days of Peleg.

* In the Days of Peleg, the Earth was Divided: Our flood video from 1:44:33 to 1:47:40 describes Genesis 10:25 using sea level animation. The Bible states that in the days of Peleg, the "earth" was divided. The text could plausibly be interpreted to refer to the division of people or language, but most literally it indicates that "the earth" was divided, and, based on the ancient use of Peleg's name, that division would have been by water. See also, Walt on Where the Water Went.

See a 2-minute video segment on the division of the Earth in the days of Peleg