Kim Davis: I'll help you issue these without my help

 * On God’s Authority: Did you know there were dozens of magistrates refusing to issue homosexual “marriage” licenses? Well, they may be a bit confused, but there are out there fighting! And we thank God!

* On God’s Man’s Authority: Bob’s guest-host Doug McBurney sits in on the day lawyers from Liberty Council provided the homosexualists seeking the issuance of homo “marriage” licenses from Kim Davis’ Rowan County Clerk’s office a roadmap to the rollout of homo marriage nationwide, (and right over the right of Christians to object to homosexual marriage as a violation of God’s revealed morality). Kim kept her job when her lawyers convinced her that she could satisfy her conscience via a clerical maneuver (removing her name from the marriage licenses her office issues). Doug believes Liberty Council either lied to Kim Davis, or Kim Davis lost courage and compromised on God’s desire for her to follow Him instead of men. And she is now administering, via her deputies, the sinful act of helping homosexuals destroy themselves.

* A Day in the Life: of the American university system finds one professor shot dead at the hands of another professor with whom he was “romantically” involved.

* The Plot on Amazon: After listeners reported that Bob’s manuscript “The Plot”, (which reconciles seeming biblical contradictions, and helps Christians of all stripes understand the Bible better), was on sale on Amazon, he went online to check out the reviews!

* Doug’s Advice for the Kiddoes: Get married young, and have lots of kids!