RSR Shares Jonathan Sarfati's Editorial

* Christians Capitulating on Creation: Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams share the magazine editorial by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati about Christians who capitulate on creation. First though, the guys report on four science news headlines: the passing of astronaut John Glenn, the fall of Bryce Canyon’s “million-year-old” geologic feature called the Sentinel, the recovery of a 12-year-old Colorado cancer patient after targeted antibodies treatment, and the latest marijuana research shows that ALL 1,000 U.S. potheads studied have restricted blood flow in their brains’ memory/dementia region. And as always, the guys highly recommend you subscribe, for yourself or a loved one or friend, to!

* Hear the Conclusion: If you learned a lot from today's program, you'll probably enjoy hearing the conclusion scheduled to air next Friday.  

* From CMI's Creation Ministries International (CMI), the publishers of Creation magazine, also host one of the world's premier creation/evolution and biblical apologetics websites. Embedded here is the video from which Bob and Fred pulled the soundtrack that aired today, from