Something's Brewing in Mike Pence' Indiana

Bob Enyart interviews Rudy Guerrero about two developments in the home state of vice president elect Mike Pence. First though Bob asks what other turkeys might Obama pardon? And he welcomes aboard the mainstream media for finally figuring out that having a lower standard of living kills people. And then he describes a just excavated 3800-year-old figurine, the world's first "thinking man", unearthed from ancient Israel! Finally, Mr. Guerrero and Bob discuss Indiana's Rep. Kurt Nisly who is working to introduce legislation to ban abortion, without exceptions, and a related survey being taken by Indiana's chapter of the American Family Association. The guys end with a reminder that Mike Pence flip flopped 180-degrees on religious liberties. First he signed a bill protecting Christians from being sued into supporting the homosexual agenda. Within days, he caved to pressure from homosexual activists and signed an exact opposite bill that affirmed lawsuits against Christians who refused to be enablers for the sin and perversion of homosexuality.

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