Teens Condemn Not Recycling But Not Porn

Bob Enyart Live has spent 25 years warning parents that the recycling obsession was actually an attempt to switch our culture over to an alternate value system. Now the Barna Group reports that only 32 percent of young people say watching pornography is usually or always wrong whereas 56 percent say the same about not recycling. Gregg Jackson joins Bob to discuss 1) that morality survey 2) the heroic pro-lifers who just violated a federal court order to not release further undercover abortion videos 3) the inventor of the MRI who will appear next week on Real Science Radio 4) the two acceptable tactics of urging governors to use existing law to shut down abortion mills vs passing new laws acknowledging that the baby in the womb is a person 5: The BEL February Telethon has raised $2,700 of its vitally important $30,000 goal. Please help!