BEL's New Spiritual Advisor: Broncos Defensive End Antonio Smith

Bob Enyart explained that from now on, when he needs spiritual advice, he's going to look to the Broncos defensive end Antonio Smith. Speaking of the NFL playoffs and Peyton Manning, Smith said. "If you have faith in a cause greater than yourself, that's powerful. Even when a man is in dire need... he will not give as much for himself as he will for his brother. That's the essence of love." Wow! Bob also discussed the confirmation of yet another creationist science prediction, regarding the discovery that there must be a lot more mass in the outer solar system that previously claimed. And regarding a BEL psychology prediction, in the Focus on the Strategy documentary, Bob pointed out years ago that moral relativism cannot be controlled, and today with millions of evangelicals supporting Donald Trump, the old-guard pro-life leaders are apoplectic.