"Conservatives" Exploit Slaughter to Normalize Homosexuality

* Prediction Confirmed: Departing from his prepared notes for this past Sunday morning's sermon at Denver Bible Church, Pastor Bob Enyart lamented the 49 people slaughtered in Orlando, Florida and predicted that the Muslim terrorist who murdered them was a homosexual. Now, two days later, it is widely and authoritatively reported that the perpetrator of the “Gay Bar Massacre” was a homosexual. Bob and co-host Doug McBurney then observe that so-called conservatives in the “Pro-Family Industry” and many RE-publicans are attempting to use the popular sympathy for homosexuals to just put the whole issue behind them! Homosexual perversion, "gay" marriage, two men adopting children, etc., not unlike our superfluous list of "Christian" leaders going gay, we will see that allegedly Christian leaders and groups will use this tragedy so that they can stop opposing homosexuality and get on to more important matters, like fundraising, tithing, and lower taxes.

* Meanwhile in Paris: As the Liberal Media orchestrates worship services for the homosexuals murdered in Orlando, we remind you not to forget about the French cop, his wife, and child brutally victimized by yet another ISIS-inspired terrorist.

* Banning Pornography: Is what the new mayor of London intends to do by banning advertisements featuring scantily clad women from the public spaces of London. Find out why Bob does not hesitate to affirm him.

* Gateway to HomosexualityFor reasons beyond our ability to comprehend, the Gateway Pundit (another so called conservative author in the tradition of David Brock) was moved by the slaughter of dozens of homos to come out as a homo.

Update: "ISIS praises Mateen as lioness [not princess?] of the Caliphate." Go figure.

KGOV Saying: "On Bob Enyart Live, we expose the liberal in the conservative." more...