Trannies vs Terrorists

* Military Teams Dispatched: Bob & co-host Doug McBurney report the imminent dispatch of highly trained naval specialist to begin scouring the homeland for suspected bombers, homophobes.

* Great Britain Transitions: to not so great... In the face of an Islamic terror onslaught they introduce their first front line tranny soldier. The fear of the obvious is common on the left. So for example, as Matt Walsh likes to ask trannie advocates, "What is a female?" And this reminds us of Ilana Goldman being afraid to answer the questions, "What is a fetus?" And, "Is the fetus alive?" Here you go...

* Looking for a Worthy Charity? If so, compare the audit of the Clinton Global Initiative (5.7% goes to leftist charities, and more than half goes to “other expenses”) and Colorado Right to Life (0% goes to travel and meals).

* Perhaps a Catastrophic Meteor Impact: could distract enough voters for Hillary to recover before the November election.

* Pro Life Industry Condemns Trump: To Hell that is! Hear how “Christian” leaders are helping the Donald sleep well at night, while he’s riding a greased pole straight to Hell.