Official Lawlessness

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Bob tell his co-host Doug McBurney that if Rod Blegojevich deserves to be in prison for selling Barry’s Illinois senate seat, then surely Hillary deserves an even harsher punishment for compromising America’s national security.

* Rush Limbaugh’s Mistake: In continuance of Bob’s efforts to document why Rush is only 98.63% right; hear a discussion of Rush’s flawed analysis of Sheriff David Clarke’s comments about the destruction of the black family and the of the black father.

* Hillary’s email Crime Problem: Why does the media insist Hillary has a problem with her email, when she actually has a problem with criminal behavior and her corrupt actions putting at risk America’s national security. Hear all about that, and how hers and similar criminality create an environment of lawlessness that is simmering, and boiling over more and more often.

* What is the Problem with Pornography: The latest problem is impotence in young men driven by Internet pornography. And despite the opinions of “experts” that it’s smartphones and tablets, hear why it is the legality of pornography that is the problem!

* Life After Death: Scientists have proven to themselves that consciousness continues after one’s heart stops beating… and while they may be shocked to discover life after death, we here at Bob Enyary Live have been documenting evidence of it for over 25 years!