Launched: National Hunt for Bill Clinton's DNA

* The National Hunt Is On: Bob Enyart talks about the launch of the National Hunt for Bill Clinton’s DNA and Hillary's rejection of her stepson, the half-black Danney Williams-Clinton. Remember that Bill Clinton in 2008 made a racially charged statement to Ted Kennedy about Barack Obama: "A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee", as quoted in Game Change: Obama and the Clintons... by Heilemann and Halperin. This from the same Clintons who spitefully use women and blacks to gratify and enrich themselves. Enyart then discusses CNN's hysterical claim that it is illegal for the public to read Hillary Clinton's Wikileaks emails. Ha!

* Enabler in Chief's Victims Keep Piling Up: As Bill Clinton told women early on that he and Hillary had an "arrangement" that permitted his adultery, he became a sex addict who would go on to sexually harass, assault, and rape women in his circles. Now in 2016 we learn that Clinton took 26 flights, mostly international, aboard the plane owned by well-known pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Thus it becomes increasingly likely that Enabler in Chief Hillary's victims include young girls, especially because Epstein, who spent a (mere) year in jail after plea bargaining down to attempting to conscript minors for prostitution, would bring on-board and to his Caribbean Island girls as young as twelve and thirteen.

And after Hillary, the secondary enablers abound. No better than the Catholic Bishops who covered up their church's sex scandal, NBC, ABC, CBS, along with every journalist, college professor, and liberal apologist who defended the Rapist in Chief, bear responsibility for Bill Clinton's increasing victim toll. As late as May 2016, NBC has mocked anyone who would advocate for vindication for the sexual victims of Bill Clinton. That tens of millions of Americans despise NBC, and the entire establishment media, is a good thing.

* Practicing Expression for Judgment Day: At right, on October 9, 2016 at the presidential debate, Bill Clinton displays the kind of facial expression one makes when in the same room with his sexual assault victims, his daughter, and his wife.

Bill Clinton in the same room with his wife and...

* BEL Worldwide Exclusive Interview with Juanita Broaddrick: Since we're here speaking of the Enabler in Chief, let's also address her husband Bill Clinton's rape of Juanita Broaddrick was an event that "in fact took place" wrote the Wall Street Journal. Hear Bob's interview with Juanita and then the BEL interview with nurse Norma Rogers, her friend who found Broaddrick wounded and in tears shortly after the assault.

Hillary Dating Technique: At right, the meanest Hillary meme ever. Please consider sharing our Hillary Wringkles Dating Technique meme on Facebook or wherever good memes are shared. Also, check out our Clinton Rapist Protests in 145 cities, from Martha's Vineyard to Auckland, New Zealand, documented at

* Hillary in the Just-a-System: "It's no longer a justice system; now it's just a system," says Bob Enyart as he re-airs and analyzes the 1980s interview in which Hillary laughs about the rape of a 12 year old girl and the miscarriage of justice she engineered so that the rapist could get away with it (foreshadowing the enabler helping her own husband). See this also at

* Hillary Criminally Failed to Report Hack Attempts: In 2011 as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton failed to report efforts to compromise her email server. And would you believe it, she's caught in another lie! While Hillary has publicly said that the State Department system would capture virtually all of her emails, the reverse is true, for in private, she requested that emails sent from her system not be accepted by the government system.  

* It Takes a Village: to satisfy my husband, thought Hillary. Bob Enyart Live discussed Hillary's book the week that it was published...  

* BTW, the Liberal Caller in the Enabler Hillary Video Above: Betsey from Bloomington, Illinois was wrong about everything she said, including about that eagle. More than anything else that set piece resembled the U.S. Marines symbol of an eagle perched atop a globe. Please pray for the caller "Betsey" and for a liberal near you. And remember, as we've said a hundred times on BEL. Stupid doesn't make you sin, but sin makes you stupid.

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* Bob's Friend and Donald Trump: Bob described his disagreement with a dear old friend who was supporting Donald Trump. For if we operate out of fear of Hillary rather than fear of God, then in four years, if she runs against an even more wicked opponent, then conservative Christians would be supporting her. So there's no bottom to that abyss.

* Nicer than God: See and this...