Molecular Biologist Kevin Anderson on iDino and Target Antibodies

By popular demand (actually, Doug McBurney said that he loved the first show we did a couple weeks ago), Kevin Anderson is back with Bob Enyart on Real Science Radio talking about short-lived soft tissue and the carbon 14 found in dinosaur bones! Also, beginning at 24:45 into today's program, Bob asks Dr. Anderson, as a molecular biologist, about one of RSR's latest favorite topics, the targeted antibodies cancer treatment revolution!

Astounding 2017 Update: Our actively maintained page, reports in March 2017 of "Terminal cancer patients in complete remission after one gene therapy treatment". Two points from that article reinforce Bob's discussion with Kevin, "The treatment, which has been dubbed 'a living drug' by doctors, works by filtering a patient's blood to remove key immune system cells called T-cells, which are then genetically engineered in the lab to recognise cancer cells." Also, reminiscent of Dr. Anderson's statement that, given the opportunity, when roadblocks are removed, "The immune system cannot be defeated," London's Telegraph reports that while cancer cells are good at evading the immune system, "the new therapy essentially cuts the brakes, allowing immune cells to do their job properly."

2019 Update: Advances continue to reinforce Dr. Anderson's creation-based remarks. From, "Bladder tumors have been treatment resistant. Yet injecting the common flu virus CVA21 into these tumors in 15 patients produced no side effects yet targeted the patient's own immune system and regressed the cancer in 14 patients and cured the 15th, generating hope that this inexpensive treatment may help patients with many types of cancers."  

Bob Enyart interviews molecular biologist and dinosaur researcher Dr. Kevin Anderson, director of the Van Andel Research Center in Chino Valley, Arizona about the iDino Project he is running for the Creation Research Society. Kevin is one of the history-making scientists who have published in prestigious scientific journals their discoveries of dinosaur soft tissue! See also Kevin's work at and get his book, Echoes of the Jurassic, online at the CRS Bookstore!

* On the Hesitance Over the Immune System: Discover magazine reports in an article on the father of cancer immunotherapy William Coley that, "Since the 1960s, the medical community has gone back and forth as to whether the immune system could be made to launch an anti-tumor offensive."

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Cover of CRSQ Spring 2015 issue

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* Compound Interest: (post-show note) "If you're interested in economics, or you just want to understand your own finances, you just might love this book fascinating little book, Compound Interest, by Will Duffy." - Bob Enyart

* Interview & Photo from iDINO Project: iDINO presented to Real Science Radio this formerly unpublished photo (right) of soft tissue in a Triceratops horn. It's beautiful! (Well, in the eyes of the beholder, anyway. But God Himself probably thinks it's pretty cool too!) These slender soft-tissue osteocytes came from the triceratops horn excavated from the Hell Creek Formation in Montana. As with scientists from Harvard, North Carolina State, and dozens of other universities and institutions, they broke open the horn and... guess what?

* Journals including Acta Histochemica Publish Finding: One of the latest of hundreds of peer-reviewed papers published by Darwin Doubters and even by (say it's not so) creationists, the prestigious secular journal Acta Histochemica has published the paper by Dr. Kevin Anderson and Mark Armitage titled, Soft sheets of fibrillar bone from a fossil of the supraorbital horn of the dinosaur Triceratops horridus in Volume 115, Issue 6, July 2013, pp. 603–608; Mark Hollis Armitage, Department of Biology, California State University, 18111 Nordhoff Street, Northridge, CA 91330-8303, USA; Kevin Lee Anderson, Department of Biology, Arkansas State University Beebe, Beebe, AR, USA. Other aspects of this discovery were published in the Cambridge University journal Microscopy and Microanalysis.

Mark & Kevin in Acta Histochemica...

* Another Creationist Dinosaur Prediction Confirmed: The science prediction by co-author Mark Armitage in the video below, uploaded to YouTube in December 2014, was confirmed in June 2015 when the journal Nature Communications reported that endogenous (original) soft tissue was found in six of eight dinosaur bones investigated, leading to the conclusion that "preservation is more common than previously thought." As co-author of one of the primary papers In a prestigious peer-reviewed science journal documenting dinosaur soft tissue, Mark said about this finding: "My prediction is this. The fossil record is full of soft tissue. This is the norm, rather than the exception. That's my prediction." This was an independent record of the obvious implications of biblical creation, for at, also in 2014, we published our own prediction: "Dinosaur soft tissue will be found not only in rare circumstances, but rather easily, i.e., when looked for." CONFIRMED! 

* Check Out Our Full RSR Dinosaur Soft Tissue Page: Our page presents the web's most complete catalog of peer-reviewed journal papers confirming the existence of original biological tissue from dinosaurs!

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* Whose Expectations Are Met? Evolutionary expectations are based on their belief in millions of years, whereas based on Egyptian mummy research, young earth creationists do expect some dinosaur soft tissue preservation. And see science deniers and science doubters including (even as late as 2015) PZ Myers, at