A Cure for Cancer and another for Cyberstalking

Bob Enyart reports on three defendants, a brother, sister, and mother, who received lifetime sentences for cyberstalking including online harassment and intimidation which not unexpectedly resulted in death. Separately, biotechnology firms have been successfully targeting cancer cells achieving astounding results initially with various blood cancers including Leukemia. Bob also shares the argument he has used dozens of times over the last quarter century with those who claim that their favorite nutrition author, supplement, etc., can cure cancer. Also, hear 60 seconds of horror from a Focus on the Family pro-life video. And then finally, we're at $7,700 of our vitally important $30,000 February telethon goal, so if you haven't helped, please consider donating, subscribing or purchasing on of our BEL resources at KGOV.com or at 1-800-8Enyart.