Feel the Hate

* Real Science: Bob tells co-host Doug McBurney about the latest advancements in Targeted Antibody Therapy for Cancer with the story of Zaida in Boulder, Colorado.

* Refugee/Migrant Detonation: 
A Somali refugee went on an attempted killing spree at the Ohio State University before being shot dead. Bob asks the politically sensitive question: was he answering the call of ISIS?

* Science… Really? 
Physics Professors are advancing the ludicrous notion that time travel is possible due to the infinite possibilities made possible by the infinite Big Bang Rescue Device, The Multiverse!

* Christian Correction: 
Since God is the only source of a correction mechanism for the errors of men in the universe, Bob & Doug discuss the value of correction, no matter how much hate you might get for it. And whether it be applied for some simple mis-statement, or decisions and actions that destroy lives and souls.

* Money for Nothing: 
When the billionaire founder of the Corona Beer brand died he left a couple million dollars to the impoverished residents of his home-town in Spain, probably never realizing he would ruin their lives...

* Arson Terrorism: 
Listen in for the latest on the terror fires in Israel, and the suspicious fires in Appalachia.