Minarets Broadcasting Alex Jones!

* Alex Jones from the Minaret: Bob surprises his co-host Doug McBurney with a recent poll in the U.K. showing massive support for Sharia over British law among U.K. Moslems, (and an enormous fan base of Islamic “9/11 Truthers” for Alex Jones)! See also here on BEL:
- The Antinoia: The Government Always Buys Bullets aka kgov.com/conspiracies
- Paging Alex Jones: Paranoia on American Airlines flight as truther loses it
- Minarets broadcasting Alex Jones (this show)
- Bob's Off-the-record interview with an MGM/Mandalay Bay security guard.

* Brain Restriction: Tune in to hear about the latest research on why pot makes you stupid, (and it’s effective restriction of blood flow to the brain may even lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s).

* Where the Church Went Wrong: When Constantine’s mom designated The Church of the Holy Sepulcher as the tomb of Christ, she got it wrong.

* Where the Church Went WRONGER: When Christian leaders endorsed Donald Trump in order to “stop Hillary”, they got it even more wrong than did Constantine’s mom. Bob asks if, (now that Hillary has been stopped) will those Christians now warn their flocks that Trump is a child killer, a homosexualist, an interventionist/isolationist, a protectionist, and a socialist.

* Bob & Doug to Attend Zaida’s Dinner: Lord willing, Bob and Doug will attend the upcoming fundraising dinner this Friday night at 6 p.m. for targeted antibody cancer treatment patient Zaida Mattson at the St. Julien Hotel in Boulder. See more at kgov.com/targeted-antibodies.