Pro-aborts protest moms & children conceived in rape

* Report on Juda Myers Event in Jackson, MS: Don't kill a baby for the crime of the father. On May 6, 2016 at the Mississippi State Capitol abortion advocates protested mothers and children conceived in rape. Leslie Hanks, president of American Right To Life, joins Bob Enyart in studio to talk about the Freedom March that she joined in Jackson organized by Choice4Life's Juda Myers to decry 50 years of the decriminalized killing of children in the womb in the United States. The event also honored “Hero” moms who refused the death sentence upon their children conceived in rape. On Mother’s Day, of all days, in 1966, Mississippi legislators passed a law designating some children as unworthy of protection by love and by law. That hard-hearted legislation has had its effect and now five decades later and 60 million dead, a dozen "pro-choice" activists came out to protest the mothers and children conceived in rape. They prefer to protect the rapist and kill the baby. One pro-abort's sign read, "It's my body; it's my choice. Your opinion is irrelevant." But AHA says, "The body in your body is not your body" and God says "Do not kill the innocent."