Hillary, Trump & Other Social Diseases

* Creator Scares “scientists”: Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney lauds researchers who published an article on the human hand, ascribing it’s enormously sophisticated functionality to the proper design of the “Creator”, (causing atheists and God haters far and wide to run terrified, looking to hide behind Bill Nye).

* One Magic Bullet: Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney takes a skeptical, yet oddly optimistic look at claims that new evidence indicates Vince Foster was murdered back in 1993.

* “Compassionate” Child Killing: Hear how socialized medicine in England has led to an “ethical debate” surrounding the idea that mothers with sick babies should be encouraged to carry the child to full term before killing her so the socialist government can harvest her organs to donate to another child deemed not sick enough to have been killed.

* Reason 1036: to get or keep your kids out of the government schools; they may become mathematically illiterate arsonists.

* Podesta, in the Library, with a Candlestick: Hillary Clinton’s doomed presidential campaign was buoyed this past week by claims from the campaign chair that the Office of Inspector General has become a partisan witch-hunt in pursuit of the aforementioned Hillary. In other words, the OIG has offended Podesta by looking into the facts…

* Clinton, in the Rose Garden, with a .38: Find out if the latest evidence in the untimely murder of Vince Foster gets us any closer to just who murdered him. Post-show note: Bob Enyart and friends protested HIllary Clinton at a public school in Denver years ago using an enormous sign spray-painted on a king-size bedsheet. It depicted a heart, with Vince & Hillary in the middle, with an arrow through it, and dripping blood. To hold up the sign, we attached helium balloons to the sheet. As HIllary left the school, she got into a black car, and as her driver pulled away, her eyes locked onto the sign which was on the curb just a few feet from Hillary's vehicle.

* What happens in Vegas…: is a lot of syphilis (especially among the homosexuals).

* Bill Faking It; Chelsea Sad; Hillary: ... What? 








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