Hey Brian Thomas, "Why Is Carbon 14 everywhere it shouldn't be?"

* Hey Brian: Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart interviews in studio fossil expert Brian Thomas. Even though radiocarbon only lasts thousands of years, and not millions, Carbon 14 is found everywhere it shouldn't be! About the extraordinary persistence of 14c in marble, coal, oil, natural gas, dinosaur bones, and diamonds, Bob asks this Institute for Creation Research fossil expert about possible contamination as compared to endogenous 14c. The discussion is fascinating!

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* Another RSR Prediction: On today's program, Bob Enyart and Brian Thomas predict that chert, even though it is often dated at more than a billion years old, will contain short-lived Carbon 14!

* Learn About Carbon 13 in Fossil Bones: If you love science and learning about fossils, you'll just love what Brian Thomas explains to us about the various Carbon isotopes in fossils, and the ratio of Carbon 12 and Carbon 13, and what that tells us about the diet of a dinosaur (or other creatures) and whether or not these Carbon isotopes reveal contamination, or a lack of contamination, in fossils that also include endogenous biological material

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* Compound Interest: (post-show note) "If you're interested in economics, or you just want to understand your own finances, you just might love this book fascinating little book, Compound Interest, by Will Duffy." - Bob Enyart

* Post-show Statement: Bob Enyart and his guest Brian Thomas join the world grieving over the murder of scores of innocent people in Nice, France. Today's program, incidentally, was recorded before yesterday's horrific crime occurred.