Theology Thursday - The Plot Boys

Stephen Sutherland on the floor watching his big brother playing chess with Bob
Stephen on the floor...

Understanding the Bible: On today's Theology Thursday we feature episode one from "The Plot Boys". In this series of thirty six Bible teaching episodes, Bob Enyart teaches through his book "The Plot" along with 11 year old Josh and 12 year old Stephen.

This great series is designed to help the entire famly learn and understand the overall story of the Bible, as well of the important plot twists in the story.



The Plot Boys on three MP3 CD discs


 Today's ResourceThe Plot Boys

Teaching Through "The Plot": Easy Enough For Kids, Strong Enough For Adults. Bob teaches through The Plot along with youngsters Stephen Sutherland and Josh Craddock. 

Over 32 hours of teaching in 36 sessions.

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And for Adults: