Gross Guy Targeting Women in Dressing Rooms

* Police Arrest Transgender: The police arrested a transgender for taking photos of a woman in the ladies dressing room at a Target department store. Regardless of claiming that he identifies as a woman, the pervert, Sean Smith, is a male.

* In a Related Story: Ruth Bader Ginsburg betrayed the supposed neutrality of the SCOTUS by speaking out against Donald Trump who then tweeted that her brain was shot and that she should retire. The Washington Post then lamented that by exposing her bias, she could no longer pretend to be neutral and would have to recuse herself if the presidential election again ended up at the court.

* And in Another Related Story: Bob then blamed James Dobson for teaching Christians to defend Republicans who support killing children. Thus running-mate possibility General Flynn was confident that millions of Christians would believe his 24-hour back flip going from supporting abortion on Sunday to declaring that he was pro-life on Monday.

* And for a Bit of Good News: Bob then discussed the 16th Obamacare co-op to go bankrupt.

* And for More Good News: Eight-year-old Gianna wrote a letter to Pastor Bob which was a great blessing to receive and then to read on the air!

* And Even More Good News: Bob closed today's program by reminding everyone of the stunning confirmed success of BEL's quarter century of predictions!