Pirated movies, songs, software, and now 48 million science papers

Thou shalt not steal: Building on last week's phone call to another radio station on the immoral equal pay for equal work policy, Bob Enyart now takes up the topic of intellectual property, the baseball bat test, and the sale of your very own pirated movies collection. See also our program kgov.com/the-right-to-copyright-ie-thou-shall-not-steal.

Today's Resource: Jurassic: Dinosaurs are Young. All of Them, with Trey Smith and Bob Enyart. As YouTube sensation Trey describes our dinosaur soft tissue video: 

You will NEVER see Dinosaurs the same. A journey into the genetics of dinosaurs & absolute proof that dinosaurs are YOUNG and lived side-by-side with man.

Documentary by Trey Smith | Bob Enyart

Video includes interviews with:

Mark Armitage (Fired from Cal State for releasing dino genetic data proving dinos are young)

Dr Aaron Judkins (Man vs. Archaeology and Finding Noah)

Dr Walt Brown (HydroPlate Theory)

Dr David Menton (Anatomist from Answers in Genesis)

Belinda LaCoste (Owns 85,000 acre Colorado Dinosaur Rich Ranch)


Jack Horner — Jurassic Park Technical Advisor, a man who 30 yrs ago started the evolution add-on theory that dinosaurs turned into birds <—- which is disproven in this video.


Richard Dawkins close friend and media buddy — the Hard-Core Atheist Lawrence Krauss ..... Who gets slapped around badly, badly, badly with his own science by Bob Enyart in a debate. That alone is worth the watch is worth the watch!