Mr. Scalia, Meet Jesus Christ

* Serpent Endorses Trump: Bob & co-host Doug McBurney were somewhat surprised when Jerry Falwell Jr. endorsed pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, phony-baloney, ego-manical, socialist, populist, anti-Christian, and all around strange fellow Donald Trump. But when slimy, scheming, charlatan televangelist Mike Murdock endorsed him there was no surprise at all. Also, as a reminder, Trey Smith, who grew up in Murdock's home and wrote the tell-all book about the televangelist, also produced a film with Bob Enyart on dinosaur soft tissue. You might want to check it out, on DVD or by streaming it. Just click Jurassic!

* Scalia Endorses Child Killing: Before his untimely demise, the most conservative Supreme Court Justice ever produced by the Pro-Life Industry rejected the God given Right to Life of every Innocent Person, and admitted that he would have been tried at Nuremburg had he been a German Judge. See