The Trouble with Hillary

The Hillary Wrinkles Dating Technique* Hillary vs The Server: When Bubba Bill Jeff Clinton told Ted Kennedy during the 2008 campaign that “just a few years ago Barack Obama would have been serving us coffee,” he never imagined that there would be trouble with a different type of server in 2016 that could sink his wife’s campaign, and that Barack would hold the keys as to whether or not she was sunk! Listen in as Bob helps his co host Doug McBurney understand how Hillary’s FBI trouble may pale in comparison to her NSA trouble.
* Shock: Judge Knows Right From Wrong: Bob and Doug were excited to have discovered a (State) Supreme Court Judge who has acknowledged the right to life of the unborn! And while research after air-time revealed that she has apologized for her appropriate & prescient remarks about deviants, perverts & queers, so far she has not apologized for her support for the Personhood of the unborn child!