Top Five Who Got Trump Elected

* The Five: Bob & co-host Doug McBurney list the top 5 people most responsible for the election of Donald Trump, (and for further inoculating him against repentance).

* The Time’s They Ain’t a-Changin’ After pledging to “re-dedicate” their newspaper to honest reporting, the NY Times sets aside their hostile views toward Christianity long enough to link to audio that gives them “concern” about the fact that the president is nominating cabinet members with “hostile views toward Islam”.


* Beware the First Family Women -- History Lesson -- Bush Women Kill KidsMother Barbara, wife Laura, daughTers Jenna and Barbara, kill children either directly or indirectly, by their support for Planned Parenthood and even by raising funds for the abortion chain as Barbara Pierce Bush did in March 2017 by headlining a Texas fundraiser for the child-killing organizatIon. (And of course Nancy Reagan was "pro-choice" as was Reagan's V.P. and W's father, George H.W. Bush, who himself aggressively supported Planned Parenthood, the U.N.'s "Population Fund", and even China's horrific forced-abortion "one-child policy" that banned, of all things, brothers and sisters, all until he was tragically tapped by Reagan for the vice presidency. And George H.W.B.'s own father, Prescott Bush, was a national treasurer for Planned Parenthood.) That link above, to Laura being a pro-abort, shows that ABC News forgets but Pro-life Profiles doesn't, that the day after the 2000 election, and again just before the inauguration, Laura publicly voiced support for Roe v. Wade and that she was "pro-choice". Of course the son, grandson, husband and father would never let a little thing like dismembering children bring tension to the family.

* Colorado Right to Life Trumps: The tireless warriors at CRTL are planning a full-page ad in the Washington Times for Donald Trump to read on Inauguration Day. So pray for the president, and please take ACTION, by helping to fund this important message to our President.