RSR's List of Problems with "Lucy" as an Upright Walker

Lucy's Non-Upright Walking Chimp-like Features: The infamous "human ancestor" who allegedly walked Photos of Lucy's sloping skull and recreation that minimizes that chimp-like feature...upright had features that, like her sloping skull, evolutionists downplay or simply don't share with the museum-going public. For, Lucy had:
- "locking wrists" for knuckle-walking
- an inner ear, for balance, oriented like knuckle-walking chimps  
- the skull attachment for the inner ear like knuckle-walking chimps
- curved hands surprisingly (to some) similar to tree-climbing chimps
- long and curved toe bones, even by ape standards 
- a sloping chimp-like face fronting a chimp-sized brain
(and finally, from our you-just-can't-make-this-stuff-up file)
- a 2016 autopsy that reports death by falling 46 feet out of a tree!

RSR hosts Bob & Fred as cavemen in a publicity shot for our radio program
RSR's Bob Enyart & Fred Williams

* Lucy on the Ground all Splintered: Sad, but true, in 2016 from the journal Nature, even though Lucy has been claimed to be an upright walker, "It is therefore ironic that her death can be attributed to injuries resulting from a fall, probably out of a tall tree, thus offering unusual evidence for the presence of arborealism in this species."

* Lucy in the Sky: Decades ago Bob read Donald Johanson's book, Lucy, and recalls that Johanson named her after the popular Beatles song. Using that name for this fossil, the 2016 Nature paper by Kappelman, et al., continued, "The Pliocene fossil ‘Lucy’ (Australopithecus afarensis) was discovered in the Afar region of Ethiopia in 1974 and is among the oldest and most complete fossil hominin skeletons discovered. Here we propose, on the basis of close study of her skeleton, that her cause of death was a vertical deceleration event or impact following a fall from considerable height that produced compressive and hinge (greenstick) fractures in multiple skeletal elements. Impacts that are so severe as to cause concomitant fractures usually also damage internal organs; together, these injuries are hypothesized to have caused her death."

* Minor Matter -- Baboon Bone: In 2015 New Scientist reported that a vertebrae that had been assembled into Lucy's skeleton and sat there for 40 years (Update: and still to 2018 in museum reproductions around the world) actually belonged to a baboon. This does help to support the view of a number of secular paleoanthropologists including the Leakeys that afarensis is actually an conglomeration of various ape and human bones and is therefore not even an actual species and so, not a hominid ancestor to man.

* Dan Biddle on RSR: Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart interviews expert witness Dr. Dan Biddle about Lucy. Dan has Ph.D. in the behavioral sciences and has worked as an expert witness. Dr. Biddle more recently founded an organization focused on reaching California public school biology students, Genesis Apologetics. Dr. Biddle's organization, which includes the amazingly talented Pat Roy, has produced a highly recommended, dramatized YouTube video series that begins with a great classroom scene, viewable over at

* See How Secular Paleontologists Fix Fossils: Not unlike whale evolution experts who see whales everywhere, check out this brief, fun video catching evolutionists at work...


Dan Biddle, Ph.D. in behavioral science, expert witness
Expert witness Dan Biddle

* Expert Witness: Dr. Biddle has worked as an expert consultant or witness in over one hundred state and federal cases in the areas of research methodologies and analysis. As the president of Genesis Apologetics, Daniel equips youth pastors, parents, and students with biblical answers for evolutionary teaching in public schools. Daniel is also on the Board of Directors for the International Association for Creation. Dr. Biddle has trained thousands of students in Biblical creation and evolution and is the author of several Creation-related publications. He has a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from Alliant University in San Francisco, California, an M.A. in Organizational Psychology from Alliant, and a B.S. in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco.

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* Lucy, Paleontologist Tattersall, and the Neanderthals: Recall that the DNA of Neanderthal is closer to you, the reader, than is the DNA of one chimpanzee to that of another chimpanzee. So, with that information, note the bias that famed paleontologist Ian Tattersall exhibits when he suggests that 3-foot tall monkeys like Lucy should be considered "human", yet he claims that the obviously human Neanderthal should be an entirely different species!

* Biddle's Lucy Webinar: Check out also Dr. Biddle's webinar on Lucy: 

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