Janet Huckabee Responds to Doug McBurney

* Hucksters: When Doug McBurney asked Janet Huckabee to please get her husband to stop schilling for Donald Trump she replied. Hear Doug & Bob respond to Janet!

* Jailbreak: Listen in as Bob and Doug discuss a story about under cover reporters in the County Jail, and what goes on behind bars that is convincing evidence that incarceration should be banned.

* Building a Monster: The “Monster of Worcester”, who murdered and impaled 3 young children in 1973 is about to be released from prison after serving what victims were told was a “life” sentence.

* Predatory TeachersTexas is on pace to break last years record for teachers seducing, corrupting, and raping students in their state run schools. It’s reason number 1054 to keep, or get your kids out of the government schools.