Theology Thursday: What We're Facing Pt. 1

* The Law: Bob presents the first of a two-part message on the ten commandments.

* Brexit, Blood Moons, and the Treaty of Rome: Post-show note. While the Bible speaks of Christ's eventual return, His Second Advent has always been imminent, able to occur at any moment, and thus, not dependent upon any current events headlines nor on any discernable fulfilled prophecy. Remember what we saw with the false teachers on the Now with Britain's exit from the EU and its Treaty of Rome, every End Times message, video, or book that gave Britain some kind of necessary role in fulfilled prophecy because of its part in allegedly reconstituting a modern Roman Empire has been openly and evidently falsified (perhaps at least for a generation or so). So rather than being blown to and fro by every wind of doctrine, we need a solid foundation in the Word, as could come, for example, by building a working knowledge of an overview of the Bible, the, if you will.