Theology Thursday: One Life, One Chance

Reincarnation: Why do so many young people who claim be Christians think that reincarnation might be real? On today's show, Bob makes the biblical case that you only get one chance at life on earth and how important it is to make the right choice while you can.

Today's Resource: Bible Tour of Turkey - Blu-ray & DVD

New... now on video. Join Bob and his friends from the BEL audience on their Bible tour of Turkey! The stories of Scripture come to life as you see the actual locations of the extraordinary events recorded in the Bible. Many archaeological discoveries confirm the historical accounts in God's written word. If we can find evidence that the story of the Bible is true, perhaps then, the moral of the story may be true also! And of course it is, as confirmed by many infallible proofs! This video is packed with exciting details that you won't want to miss!