headlines on RSR with David Coppedge

* David Coppedge Back on RSR: Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart reports the science news headlines with David Coppedge, a former Cassini Saturn mission lead ground systems administrator for NASA and author of the Creation-Evolution Headlines site over at


* Darwinist Fake News: This show exposes the "just so" Darwinist stories for insect and manta ray wings, stickleback fish, the dog's ability to lap up water, beetle stasis, and how birds survived the impact that allegedly killed off the dinosaurs. The guys also discuss the latest results from the most sensitive dark matter detector yet: nothing. And finally, once again, the latest dramatic fossil discovery (a hominid species that supposedly lived two million years ago leaving a bone that's allegedly from only 14,000 years ago), throws the theory of human evolution into disarray.

Evidence-against-the-BB-RSR-video-med.jpgUpdate: We're honored to announce that David Coppedge has endorsed RSR's Big Bang video!

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