The 360-Day Year on RSR Pt. 2

* Did the whole world once use a 360-day calendar? If so, why? RSR hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams continue their look at the 360-day year calendars of the Mayans, Egyptians, Aztecs, Indians, Sumerians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, and the Hebrew Bible to answer the first question: Yes, ancient civilizations used a 360-day calendar. To answer the question, why, one must keep in mind the sophistication of ancient astronomers. NASA reports that in 650 B.C., "Mayan astronomers [made] detailed observations of Venus, leading to a highly accurate calendar." And the Encyclopedia of Time says of the Aztecs that, "they carried on and further developed calendrical traditions that had their roots some 2,000 years before their own time." Real Science Radio investigates the reason why the ancient world used a 360-day calendar and discusses the global flood mechanism for speeding up the rotation of the Earth that in historical times could add 5.24 days to the year. See more at and make sure to listen first to Part 1!

* The Myth of Ra and Nut: Egyptians, when they weren't bowing to dung god bugs, only slightly less bizarrely, looked up and worshipped Nut and Amun-Ra. (See for example Ramses referring to his father Seti I as the "Son of Nut" in "the ship of Re".) In the Myth of Nut and Ra, protecting his domain, the sun god Amun decreed that the sky goddess, "shall not give birth any day of the year." So Nut gambled with the moon god and won enough light to make five extra days that were not a part of the year during which she gave birth to Osiris, Horus, Set, Isis, and Nephthys. See how this fits into the ancient world's struggled with the changed calendar, at

* Today's Scandal from Today's email scandal news item (see right), unrelated to our 360-day program but relevant to our long-standing reporting on Hillary Clinton, scourge of the earth, is newsworthy enough to present here on today's RSR page.

* Hillary Instructs State Dept. Deputy Chief to Break the Law: Acting again above the law, Secretary Hillary Clinton instructed her deputy chief of staff Jake Sullivan to strip a document of its classified markings and to transmit it through a non-secure channel. Hillary told Sullivan to have others at the State Department turn a classified document "into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure." Is that clear enough? "Send nonsecure." The very national security laws designed to protect our country, , which other officials have been convicted for violating, are ignored at Hillary's pleasure. The rule of law in the U.S. is a joke. Hillary is a joke. Congress is a joke. The media is a joke. Hillary for the Big House in 2016.

* Her Federal Offense is a Felony: Former federal prosecutor Joseph diGenova said of Hillary Clinton,  “She caused to be removed a classified marking and then had it transmitted in an unencrypted manner. That is a felony. The removal of the classified marking is a federal crime. It is the same thing to order someone to do it as if she had done it herself.”

* "At the Risk of Appearing Completely Dishonest" -- Bob Enyart and co-host Doug McBurney discuss (during the BEL program) Hillary Clinton’s bold revelation that, (surprise!) “At the risk of appearing predictable, the Holy Bible was and remains the biggest influence on my thinking”.

* Hillary in the Just-A-System: "It's no longer a justice system; now it's just a system," says Bob Enyart as he re-airs and analyzes the 1980s interview in which Hillary laughs about the rape of a 12 year old girl, and the miscarriage of justice she engineered so that the rapist could get away with it (foreshadowing the help the enabler would give to her own husband)

* Hillary in the Just-A-System: "It's no longer a justice system; now it's just a system," says Bob Enyart as he re-airs and analyzes the 1980s interview in which Hillary laughs about the rape of a 12 year old girl, and the miscarriage of justice she engineered so that the rapist could get away with it (foreshadowing the help the enabler would give to her own husband).


* BEL Worldwide Exclusive Interview with Juanita Broadrick: Since we're here speaking of the Enabler in Chief, let's also address her husband Bill Clinton's rape of Juanita Broaddrick was an event that "in fact took place" wrote the Wall Street Journal. Hear Bob's interview with Juanita and then the BEL interview with nurse Norma Rogers, her friend who found Broaddrick wounded and in tears shortly after the assault.

* It Takes a Village: Bob Enyart Live discussed Hillary's book the week that it was published...



* O.J.'s Legacy: Bob and Doug recall the double murder, the chase, the arrest, the blood, the footprints, the MOUNTAIN of evidence; and the not guilty verdict that, for Doug anyway, illuminated clearly the two sides in the battle of good versus evil.

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