Unconfirmed: ABC Journalism and Camel-Swallowing Credentials

* Post-show Update: KGOV has just confirmed ABC's alleged journalism and camel-swallowing credentials. See also, kgov.com/camels.

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* Today's Program: With the media being forced to acknowledge Hillary's fainting spell, will they finally admit that she's a witch? (Just kidding. But seriously...) Jesus' teaching on hypocrites straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel could have been about America's mainstream media. And separately, what can we learn from the mere fact that fifteen years have passed since 9/11? Bob Enyart offers this anniversary's lesson learned but not before discussing the alleged journalists over at ABC News regarding their reporting on Hillary's latest fainting spell. And then Bob mentions Obama being ready to cede control of the Internet to a global body and Google minimizing their anti-Hillary search results. This leads to the possibility that BEL, RSR, Walt Brown, et al., are all in a historic "sweet spot" for Internet discoverability, with so many #1-ranked web articles. For Facebook and Google may soon become even more bold in implementing their left-wing bias.

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