Boulder Public School Staffer Exposes Queer Stuff to BEL

* Reason #1,247 to Keep Your Kids Out: A Boulder, Colorado public school staffer mailed a packet of school materials to Bob Enyart. As it turns out, female homosexuals at the University of Colorado in Boulder are training K-thru-12 teachers to let boys use the girls' locker rooms. And to allow girls into the boys' locker rooms. And men into the girls' room. And girls into the men's room. All of which is paid for by you. What are public school teachers learning during their In-Service days (when at least for a change your kids are safe at home)? 3rd-grade teacher: "It was helpful to discuss... practical ways of implementing the LGBTQ ideas into our curriculum... and models of how to address the tricky questions with parents." Boulder kindergarten teacher: "I loved the part about how [telling boys they can use the girls' room] may be uncomfortable." Bob began the show though talking about restraining orders, arrest warrants, trials, and the socialist minimum wage.

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