Shaming the Pop Culture

* Genderation Z: a survey presented a SXSW reveals that the children of the American Government schools and the parents who send them there no longer recognize sexual immorality. Bob & co-host Doug McBurney talk about the threat that unrestrained immorality poses to children, families & the nation.

* Shame, Shame, Shame: Hear how a Christian movie actress who appears on magazine covers half dressed was shamed at a church event, and find out her reaction, (and her husband’s).

* Blaming God for Hillary: Find out how a brain dead, biblically illiterate B-list actress makes the case that Hillary’s low “trustworthiness” numbers are the fault of God & the Book of Genesis.

* Giving the Enemy a Pretext: An evil, pagan Moslem preacher in Gaza is accusing America and Israel of destroying children with pornography & sexual immorality. What is the Christian response?

* Fear of Siri: In yet another sensational headline seemingly designed to stoke the fears of children and the foolish, hear how a SXSW presentation implied that artificial intelligence might someday learn to think!