2016 Voters' Guide BEL Style

* But the IRS says Pastors Can't Do This: Bob Enyart, pastor of Denver Bible Church, takes on the IRS by telling people exactly who they should vote for and who they should not vote for, and what amendments they should vote against.

* Just Kidding: The BEL radio program is a media outlet protected by the God-given right to free speech, which right is sometimes disparaged by referring to it as our "First Amendment right". However, if one's rights came from the government, then they're not rights, are they? Because then any rights could be taken away. Ditto with the constitution. If our rights came from the constitution, then they could be taken away. And so they wouldn't be rights, would they? But back to the point...

* BEL's 2016 Voters' Guide: Pastor Bob voted in public as he goes through his Official Colorado Ballot on the air and shares with the audience exactly how he is voting, and why. Here's how...
- For President: Tom Hoefling, America's Party (any candidate admitting he will kill some children is disqualified)
- Retain Judges? Either don't vote, because their replacements will only be worse, or vote NO for its therapeutic value (and because judges almost never get kicked out anyway) 
- Ban Slavery in Colorado as Punishment for Crime Amendment TNo.
- Single-Payer Universal Health Care Amendment 69: No.
- Minimum Wage Amendment 70: No.
- Harder to Amend Constitution Amendment 71: Abstain.
- $300M Tobaccos Tax Increase Amendment 72: No.
- Suicide Proposition 106: No.
- Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic Political Wrangling Propositions 107 & 108: Abstain.
- Shall Local City Taxes Be Increased? No.
- Shall the City Arrange for Internet and Cable TV for the Poor, Non-profits, etc? No.
- Shall Taxes Be Increased for the School District? No. (not even for kids walking to school in blizzards without shoes or mittens)
- Shall Taxes Be Increased for the School District? No. (not even if it were to ransom teachers kidnapped by ISIS)
- Shall Taxes Be "Extended" (really, "increased" from their old lower amount) for Denver's Cultural District? No.