The Republic & the Russian Front

* Trumping Humility: Hear analysis of the fate of the American Republic as Bob and co-host Doug McBurney take the example of the ancient Romans and apply it to the ascendency of American Caesar Donald Trump & how we got to a place where such a man could appeal to RE-publican, (and even Christian) voters.

* Hillary Hanging by a Thread: Hillary Clinton’s server may have been granted immunity and Hillary herself will likely not be indicted by the HO Justice Department. And of course she has no shame, so she is unlikely to suspend her campaign in acknowledgment of wrongdoing. And now that the State Department has a case of digital amnesia when it comes to finding any emails between her and the geek who set up her unauthorized server… She may well unravel Doug’s prediction that she would not be the Democrat nominee, and end up as the little Caesar at the top of the Democrat ticket.

* Two out of Three: drivers in Queens ran over a fellow who had fallen in the street after a party at 2:30 in the morning. Listen in and try to figure out who exactly was to blame, and find out who must be held to account for this tragic incident.