Dr. Spencer Answers HPT Objections Pt. 2

Bob Enyart concludes RSR's interview with Dr. Joshua Spencer, Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering, about Josh's email conversation with a leading creation geologist debating the fountains-of-the-great-deep hydroplate theory (HPT) model of the global flood as compared to the catastrophic plate tectonics (CPT) model. Enyart and Spencer discuss the HPT's explanation of the origin of Earth's radioactivity. Beginning with last week's program they address 1) the false notion of Pangea 2) an objection that the HPT model can't explain the Appalachian Mountains 3) the frequent misunderstanding by its opponents of Dr. Walt Brown's HPT 4) the CPT idea that magma rising from the mantle produced the jets of water that rained down upon the earth 5) a denial that the CPT model depends on a series of ad hoc miracles to make it work 6) the majority-rules argument that creationists should trust CPT because more geologists support it than the HPT, and finally, 7) the assessment from this leading CPT geologist that the "HPT still gets a hearing in many circles. And CPT is not as widely well received as you might think."

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