RSR's Report on the 50th Anniversary of the Wistar Conference

* Wistar Conference 50th Anniversary Report: (For seven minutes prior to the Wistar report, Bob Enyart interviews a writer for Monday's film Climate Hustle.) Fifty years ago this week in Philadelphia on the University of Pennsylvania campus dozens of the world’s most expert minds in mathematics and engineering meet for the Wistar Conference. These were professors from MIT and Harvard who invited their colleagues from their own universities and elsewhere, and especially the biology professors. They met to question, mathematically, whether or not Darwinian evolution were even possible. Bob Enyart reports on the meeting from a half-century ago and updates the argument with the latest findings from molecular biology!

* Here are the Evolution Challenges Promised On Today's Program: See just below for RSR's Evolution Vision Challenge and click for our PZ Myers's Trochlea Challenge and our Dawkins 3-to-1 Evolution Challenge!  

A brain doesn't "see" an image but a symbolic code of that image



* Craig Rucker of Climate Hustle on RSR: Opening up today's RSR program, host Bob Enyart interviews writer and producer Craig Rucker, of Monday night's Fathom Event film, Climate Hustle! If you live in the Denver area, try to make the 7 p.m. showing at the Promenade, or on the 16th Street Mall, or Belmar, Orchard, Greenwood, or Highlands Ranch, or join Bob and the RSR crew at the UA Theater at Colorado Mills! And if you live elsewhere, check for a theater near you at
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