The First Three Lessons of Trump: KGOV Style

Trump's Last Supper with Christian leaders asking which will betray him

* Lesson One from Trump: Discussed last week on BEL, the first lesson of the Trump nomination is that moral relativism cannot be controlled. The establishment "pro-life" groups like National Right To Life and Focus on the Family taught Christians to support politicians who advocated the killing of children. And so, by promoting moral relativism, they have now seen their own influence evaporate since millions of Christians couldn't care less anymore whether their candidate is a pervert, a socialist, or even a child killer.

* Lesson Two from Trump: The second lesson of the Trump's nomination is that it is further exposing the Christian leaders who always pretended that they would never support an evil candidate. The truth is that as a general rule, politically, they only support evil and always oppose what is right.

* Lesson Three from Trump: Christians voting for Trump know something that they don't realize that they know. Christian Trump supporters understand the fear that drove German Lutherans to support Hitler: fear of economic collapse, fear of a failed foreign policy, fear of a loss of national identity, etc. But perfect love casts out fear. We should make decisions out of obedience to God and not fear of the enemy.

* Trump Donates to Most Vile of Homosexual Groups: Please ignore the Trump puff pieces from the morally comprised, and instead see LifeSiteNews's horrific report, Trump donated to group that promotes homosexuality to 5-year-olds, ******* in middle school.


* Trump Becomes the New Biblical Standard:

Google screenshot: books of the Bible search brings up mock book on the president's poetry. Trump becomes the new biblical standard

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