Hillary Confesses Personhood!

The Hillary Wrinkles Dating Technique* Losers on Dope: Bob & co-host Doug McBurney report on the latest scientific research confirming that smoking pot makes people losers.

* Drone Wars: With the FBI & Pentagon catching on to Bob’s prophetic statements regarding the use of drones in crime and terrorism, (obviously due to the NSA’s ongoing surveillance of Bob Enyart Live), Bob take the opportunity to present the solution for all our fears regarding drones, (and crime, and terrorism for that matter)!

* People and Children: Are what Hillary Clinton and NBC’s host Chuck Todd called the unborn this week. Revealing the truth; that they’ve known all along whom they were killing. Just like so many abortion advocates Bob’s challenged over the years, (like Ilana Goldman’s painful struggle over whether or not the fetus is even alive), Bob reveals how politicians and activists lie to themselves and lie to their constituents for political gain, even against what the know to be the truth.