Cause of Death? Coroners Often Ignore Suicide by Cop

* Accomplice After the Fact: Barack Obama’s incredibly wicked speech from the Dallas Police Memorial today left us irate, (but not surprised). And led Bob to call for Coroners to tell the truth when someone commits "Suicide by Cop".

* Walking Tall: Four brave Minneapolis police officers walked off the job when the WNBA players showed up with their “Black Lies Matter” T-shirts, and we are thankful. But we know that this is just a harbinger of many, many more cops walking off the job, and that is dreadful.

* Police Forced to Grovel: When the terrorists of Black Lives Matter conspired to shut down L.A.’s 405 Freeway in an illegal protest, the LAPD inexplicably let them do it.

* The Sincerest Form of Flattery: Listen in as Bob co-host Doug McBurney thank Mark Harrington and “Created Equal” for taking a page out of the American Right to Life playbook and forcing attendees of the upcoming political conventions to face the truth about child killing.

* The Prediction Business: Can be a tricky environment to navigate if you are trying to force an agenda into the scriptures to sell books and the like, but it can be extremely rewarding if one interprets the scriptures as the author intended.