Multiplied Claims that Things Evolved Multiple Times Destroy Darwin's Tree

* Back from Assignment in China: Real Science Radio host Fred Williams is back from assignment in China and shares with Bob Enyart and the RSR audience his observation that affirms biblical history drawn from exhibits in the Shanghai Museum that cover thousands of years of Chinese history, namely, the enduring presence of dragons! Additionally, ancient Chinese pictographs speak eloquently of the earlier chapters of Genesis!

* Multiplied Things Evolved Multiplied Times: This list is only a stub. It's trendy for evolutionists to find that their theory does not support the evolution of a biological function but multiple independent evolutionary origins for that feature. This reveals the failure of the theory and not a deeper understanding of it as some may hope. When evolutionists have not the least ability to explain the origin of something, such as eyesight, they think they solve their problem by slapping a term on it, "convergent evolution", and claiming that it's so likely to happen that it originated multiple times independently! The high- and "low-tech" biological things that allegedly evolved multiple times.
- flight evolved in birds, insects, bats, and pterosaurs
- appendix evolved more than 30 times such as in
beavers, koalas, and porcupines
vision evolved more than a dozen times with the PAX6 gene even for "simple" clam eyes
- multicellularity evolved more than 40 times [2020 update]
"hard-shelled eggs evolved at least three times independently in dinosaurs"
- bioluminescence evolved  at least 40 times in fungi, jellyfish, sea slugs, clams, beetles, shrimp, fish, sharks, etc.
- warm-bloodedness evolved at least twice
- central nervous system, CNS, twice
- echolocation evolved, with virtually identical genetic programming, in bats and whales and dolphins
- land to aquatic lifestyle evolved repeatedly to whales, seals, manatees, marine reptiles, desmostylians, and even sloths
- plant scaffolding and water transport evolved repeatedly by almost "identical" lignin in ferny lycophytes and 300M years later in angiosperms
- electroreception of the platypus and field generation of electric "eels", cichilids, and elephant fish
- mollusk brains and, well, why not, mutliple independent origins for neurons and brains generally
- oxygen-providing long-dive enabling myoglobin in platypus, whales, beavers, shrews, etc.
- Jurassic 
ichthyosaurs and modern whales evolved similar body shape, crypsis, cellular and molecular tissue composition 
- feathers, including for dinos and Archaeopteryx and not even originating for flight
- etc. (Suggestions? Just email

* List of Ways Darwinists Invent their Tree of Life, aka Pop Goes the Weasle – Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes:

quotation marks graphicEvolutionists change their selection of what evidence they use to show 'lineage', from DNA to fossils to genes to body plans to teeth to many specific anatomical features to proteins to behavior to developmental similarities to habitat to RNA, etc. and to a combination of such. Darwinism is an entire endeavor based on selection bias, a kind of logical fallacy. By anti-science they arbitrarily select evidence that best matches whichever evolutionary story is currently preferred." -Bob Enyart

If something as wildly sophisticated as vision allegedly evolved multiple times (a dozen or more), then for cryin' out loud, why couldn't something as relatively simple as odd or even-toedness (in ungulates) evolve multiple tiimes? However, whether a genus has an odd or even number of toes, and similar distinctions, form the basis for the 150-year-old Darwinist methodology. Yet its leading proponents still haven't acknowledged that their tree building is arbitrary and invalid. Darwin's tree recently fell anyway, and regardless, it has been known to be even theoretically invalid all these many decades. Consider also bipedalism? In their false paradigm, couldn't that evolve twice? How about vertebrate and non-vertebrates, for that matter, evolving multiple times? Etc., etc., etc. Darwinists determine evolutionary family-tree taxonomic relationships based on numbers of toes, when desired, or on hips (distinguishing, for example, dinosaur orders, until they didn't) or limb bones, or feathers, or genes, or fossil sequence, or neck bone, or..., or..., or... Etc.

* Using the Appendix as a Lens to View Darwin's Tree: The guys then use the lowly appendix as a lens to view Darwin's Tree of Life and end up seeing something really funny.

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