BEL YouTube Channel Growing: Bob Airs Some of Our #1 Video

* Approaching 160,000 Views: Clicking on "Videos" atop any KGOV webpage will bring you to the Bob Enyart Live YouTube channel which is now approaching 160,000 views. (June update: 270,000.) As Bob lists our most popular videos, he skips one. He lists our 2-minute Worst abortion video yet, at 23,000 views; and our Dump Starbucks in Denver (over homosexual marriage), at 19,000 views; our Ramsey Clue that Breaks the Case video, at 12,000; our Global Flood and Hydroplate Theory video, at 8,000; and our Enabler Hillary's Near-Death Experience video, at 5,500 views.

* Is God Eternally and Inexhaustibly Creative? The one video that Bob at first skipped in his discussion is his debate at Denver's Brown Palace against Dr. James White on whether or not the future is settled, or open, which hinges on whether or not God has exhausted His creativity, or whether He is alive and eternally free and creative!

That video, at 15,750 views, plus the YouTube audio-only of that debate, at 6,500 views, and the 3,000 views for the 2-minute James White Contradicts Himself excerpt, total over 25,000 views. So that's our #1 video, so let's listen together to Bob's opening statement and his second rebuttal.