The Judge On Trial: Roy Moore

* Yet Another #1 Ranking: Google: donald trump pro-life, and you'll find as the #1 ranked page out of seven million Bob Enyart's profile on Trump written for American Right To Life over at!

* Bob's Heading Off On An Expedition: In the past, when Bob has asked the audience to support something that he couldn't yet divulge, you guys have come through, and together we've enjoyed things like the World's Largest Protest Sign! So now, once again, without being able to reveal the specifics, Bob is asking only the audience members who most trust his judgment to help financially enable him to head off on a tremendous science expedition, one that has enormous potential upside in sharing the Gospel with the world! So if you'd like to help, please donate to BEL before August 15th! Update: You guys provided 100% of the needed funds. Thank you so very much! 

*  They're At It Again: The liberals again are trying to kick off the bench Arkansas' Supreme Court Chief Justice and a friend of BEL, Judge Roy Moore. Last time it was over the Ten Commandments. This time it is over something referred to as homosexual marriage. Please pray for the judge!