RSR Kicks Back with some Science News

Real Science Radio co-host Bob Enyart presents science news with some historical background. And as Fred Williams is a bit under the weather, Bob takes time to share a few program notes. So, we invite you to tune in soon to hear from the inventor of the MRI, Raymond Damadian, on an upcoming RSR program. Bob announces the new Spike Psarris astronomy video, "Our Created Universe", which is available at the store at We invite you to attend our 25th Anniversary on June 3, 2016, and June 4th picnic, and our June 5th Bible Study and worship at Denver Bible Church! Also, we're encouraged by the positive feedback from a leading creationist on our defense of historical science. And finally we ask you to please share the link to our own main astronomy article by first Googling: evidence against the big bang, and then clicking on "RSR's List" which should be near the top of the search results, and then share that science treasure trove with others!