BEL is the Sole Source of Regular Updates on the Targeted Antibodies Cancer Treatment Revolution

The Denver Post, 9News, CNN. They're all AWOL. But here on Bob Enyart Live and Real Science Radio, we're connecting the dots and reporting on the repeated successes of targeted antibody cancer treatment including the latest: a man in hospice suffering from lung cancer given two weeks left to live who is now back home feeling great and almost fully recovered! (And make sure you've heard our Then we aired the new anti-Hillary commercial as Bob remembered what turned the Bill Clinton motorcade parade-like atmosphere in Aspen into a funeral procession atmosphere. Also, earlier today, Gregg Jackson shared on another news program the sad information from our program that CWA, Morality in Media, and Focus on the Family are all pro-choice when it comes to pornography. Finally, from the BEL Inbox, Bob shares and email from Sweden and another from Oregon!