Spanking: If it Saves Just One Gorilla, it's Worth it

* Undisciplined: The sad story of an undisciplined child and how it cost a Gorilla his life... along with commentary from Bob and co-host Doug McBurneyregarding who is to be blamed, and whether or not shooting the Gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo was the right thing to do.

* Hillary‚Äôs Two Latest Lies: Hillary Clinton continues to lie about her email server, and the Democrats continue to let her get away with it, (unless her poll numbers collapse).

* Roman Hides in France: But maybe not in Poland? Bob relates the latest developments in extradition talks with the new Polish government & calls on the French & Polish governments to extradite Roman Polanski.

Glenn Beck: Assassin? Pagan talk show host Glenn Beck implied on the air that good, patriotic, Americans might be justified in assassinating a president who oversteps his constitutional authority.