Vapor Canopy and the Hydroplate Theory (Albright's Flood Models Controversy Series)

* Interview-Based Review of Flood Models: (Updated 8/8/21) Jane Albright interviewed 16 creation scientists and leaders for this project. Another 17 declined to be interviewed. Now, Real Science Radio co-host Bob Enyart interviews Albright, a working professional engineer formerly with the U.S. Navy nuclear engineering program, on her resulting articles about the most prominent flood models.
- The Vapor Canopy Theory (VCT, built on a secular theory and now rejected by the leading creation groups)
- The Hydroplate Theory (HPT, built on the floodwaters coming from just beneath the crust)
- Catastrophic Plate Tectonics (CPT, built on the secular PT model and affirmed by the leading creation groups)

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* RSR's Albright Broadcast Series: Bob and Jane discuss her article series on these three programs:
- Pt. 1: The Vapor Canopy and the Hydroplate Theory (this program, discussing Albright's first two articles)
- Pt. 2: Catastrophic Plate Tectonics (discussing Albright's 3rd article)
- Pt. 3: The Controversy over VCT, CPT, & the HPT (discussing Albright's 4th article)

Baseball graphic morphed into an image of the mid-oceanic ridge on the globe* Flood Waters Continued Rising from Day 41 to Day 150: The waters for the flood came not from the atmosphere or above it but from "the fountains of the great deep". This explains how the floodwaters could continue to rise for another 110 days after the rain stopped at the end of the fortieth day. Genesis explains that the fountains that flooded the entire earth broke forth within hours. Physics explains why this occurred so rapidly and where this occurred. The crustal crack of the fountains wrapped around the world like the seam on a baseball. Such an event would leave a scar. And of course, the scar from that crack is the globe-encircling 40,000-mile long crack called the mid-oceanic ridge. Essentially, the MOR was formed by the crack below the crack that resulted when the weight of the overlying crust was removed, eroded and carried away with the escaping floodwaters. As with isostatic rebound, pressure from gravity forced the mantle beneath the crack to catastrophically bend upward creating a tension crack (not unlike the Grand Canyon's inner gorge and Marble Canyon). See this explained by mechanical engineer Bryan Nickel from 1:10:40 to 1:22:00 of his HPT overview video...

Rob Yardley, Tim Clarey, and other creation leaders...* How the Canopy Got Walt Brown Sideways with the Movement: Dr. Henry Morris, Virginia Tech hydraulics professor, founded the creation movement and promoted the vapor canopy theory which had been adopted by the major organizations. At 17 minutes into RSR's global flood video see how Dr. Morris introduced Walt Brown to his readers. And at 26:30 you can hear Rob Yardley, a friend of both men (and board member of J. Vernon McGee's Thru the Bible Radio Network) agree that Dr. Brown "took one for the team" by helping the creation movement see the error in its beloved vapor canopy theory. Also, at 18:50 see Dr. Morris himself indirectly cite Walt's opposition to the canopy theory, his "geophysical causes... of the Flood", as a reason for "problems". Over the decades though the creation movement followed Walt's lead and abandoned the canopy theory and its scientific misdirection. But as the messenger, Walt paid the price and once relationships sour they're difficult to mend. However, remember that through all the tension between the Apostles, at the end Peter honored Paul (2 Pet. 3:15-16). Likewise, at a high-profile moment at the end of his carrer, as you can see him doing at 31:30 in our video, Dr. Morris honors Dr. Walt Brown (or just click play...)

* ICR's Dr. John Morris on the Canopy: Hear also at 24:32 Dr. Morris regarding, "a huge canopy that covered the globe... we don't have the evidence, and the evidence we do have doesn't allow the canopy. If there were such a canopy, it would cause such a heat problem on the surface that it would be boiling temperature. Nothing could survive such a canopy. That's the problem... The more scientists have looked at that canopy theory, there are almost no creation scientists anymore who have studied it, who still hold to that traditional view of the canopy that was presented in [my father's book] The Genesis Flood... The Scripture doesn't say it. And the geological evidence doesn't support it."

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Bob & Cheryl Enyart in Italy with Jane Albright and our friend Abraham
Bob & Cheryl in Italy with Jane, left, and our friend Abraham

* RSR Flood Model Resources including Shared Google Spreadsheets:
- Bible Material Uniquely Supporting Various Flood Models
- Physical Features Requiring Explanation and Flood Models 
- HPT Confirmed Predictions here at 
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* Higher Oxygen Levels, Greater Air Pressure, the Vapor Canopy, and HPT: A major argument for the vapor canopy has been the evidence that the pre-flood Earth had greater atmospheric pressure and a higher oxygen content. Whereas the VCT has been rejected by the major groups that promoted it, the Hydroplate Theory itself can explain why atmospheric pressure dropped. The HPT's eruption of the fountains ejected into space a significant percentage of the preflood atmosphere, immediately lowering atmospheric pressure. So the first HPT factor was that some of the air that stood immediately above the globe-encircling crack was carried into space by the erupting fountains. The second HPT factor is an effect that operates even today, gravitationally keeping atmospheric pressure lower as compared to the antediluvian world. The debris ejected from the Earth impacted the Moon (mostly the near side), Mercury, Venus, Mars, etc. and comprises the solar system's meteorites, asteroids, comets, irregular moons, and trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs). The loss of all this water and debris reduced by a few percent the mass of the Earth. Less mass means less gravity and that means that the atmosphere is not pulled down as tightly to the surface as before the flood. Therefore less atmospheric oxygen is held within Earth's narrow biosphere, with a higher percent of our atmosphere's oxygen at a higher elevation and so out of reach of our flora and fauna.

Chart showing exponential decay of lifespan after the Flood* Decrease in Human (and other) Lifespans: Another major argument for the vapor canopy has been the longer lifespans of the antediluvians, of people and of other organisms. Hydroplate Theory events may explain even better than the Canopy Theory why people, plants, animals, and insects may not live as long today as they did prior to the flood. Since the flood the Earth's crust has been loaded with radioactive (unstable) elements. Radioactive decay is dangerous to biological organisms for it not only harms the individual but degrades the functionality of the overall genome of an entire species. Today, multiple mutations occur with every single cell division, trillions of times over within, for example, a human body. See and for an introduction to the Hydroplate Theory's explanation for the origin of Earth's radioactivity. If the reduction of atmospheric pressure and reduced oxygen content were the primary reason for decreased health and lifespan, the consequences might have been seen in a more immediate drop (to current levels). Instead, charting the reduced lifespans shows an exponential decay over a few centuries which seems to fit better with the gradual deterioration of the genome that took the edge off the extraordinary precision biology that had continued to function in the post-Fall world. (See,, and consider that relatively great longevity persisted till the flood even without the help of the leaves and fruit of the Tree of Life). So rather than a decrease in atmospheric pressure, the flood's origin of Earth's radioactivity explains better mankind's decreasing biological lifespan.

* Vapor Canopy Theory Visibility Problem: Every gas, at a given pressure and temperature, has an "optical depth" which measures how far or how much light can pass into a gas at a given pressure and temperature. Moses wrote in Genesis that God put, "lights in the firmament of the heavens to give light on the earth." So at night, star light had to pass through Earth's entire atmosphere. Yet consider how much water a vapor canopy would need to hold to allow it contribute a significant amount to the flooding of the entire Earth. Claiming that much water could be suspended in such a canopy is to claim almost infinite optical depth for water vapor. However, the thicker and denser the gas, the smaller its optical depth, that is, the less light can pass through it. A gas would have to be completely transparent to have infinite optical depth, and that's simply not the case for water vapor, or for any gas.

* Vapor Canopy Theory Heat Problem: In 1874 Isaac Newton Vail, who believed the Bible to be mythological, introduced the canopy theory and early supporters included Jehovah Witness founder Charles T. Russell. By 1984, the creation movement was considering a version of the model that held enough water to produce 40 feet of rain on the Earth. Yet after the early modern creationists had widely popularized the canopy, taken as a group, they later dropped this idea, primarily after Dr. Walt Brown publicized the biblical and physical evidence against it. The Bible mentions first the "fountains of the great deep" (some of which fell down as rain) yet after the first 40 days, the waters continued to rise on the Earth for another 110 days until they covered the mountains. This shows that indeed the primary source for the floodwaters came from below. Also, U.S. Air Force atmospheric simulation software confirmed what Dr. Brown had warned was obvious, that such a canopy would turn the Earth into an impossibly hot terrarium, even with only enough vapor to fall as just two inches of rain. Thus decades later, as above, Dr. Morris can state, "If there were such a canopy, it would cause such a heat problem on the surface that it would be boiling temperature. Nothing could survive... there are almost no creation scientists anymore who have studied it, who still hold to that traditional view of the canopy... The Scripture doesn't say it. And the geological evidence doesn't support it." The early creationists though were claiming, against physics and without need, a vapor canopy that would be nearly infinitely transparent. All material attenuates light to some degree. Matter (atoms and molecules) scatter, absorb, and reflect light. No material is perfectly transparent. And that should be obvious to everyone.

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Walt Brown's In the Beginning* Hydroplate Theory Observations: From Dr. Brown's book, consider these observations and questions:
- that the continents do not fit together well against each other, as presented in the Pangaea hypothesis, unless you shrink Africa by 30%, and make other unjustified manipulations.
- that the jigsaw shape of the continents does fit well against the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
- what formed the 46,000-mile long Mid-oceanic Ridge?
- that the Atlantic Ocean is relatively shallow, whereas the Pacific is relatively deep.
- what formed the deep Pacific trenches including the 36-thousand foot-deep Marianas Trench.
- that the fountains of the great deep launched the solar system's asteroids and comets.
- that Mars is not the source of Antarctica meteorites, but they were launched from Earth.
- that the debris launched from the Earth beat up the moon, which helps to explain why the near-side has suffered much greater impactors.
- that NASA discovered the earth-like composition of comets, including that they contain olivine, a very common class of Earth minerals, confirming an inherent prediction of Dr. Walt Brown's flood model.
- that NASA found salt on the asteroid Ceres!

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