George Michael Breaks With Jesus Deniers

* …This Chance That I’d Been Given: Bob & co-host Doug McBurney discuss the tragic death of George Michael, and other homosexual drug addicts through the years.

* Matt & the Robots: Bob and Doug ask why Matt Drudge seems obsessed with driving news about sex robots.

* Teen Mall Mayhem: Hear about the growing problem of hateful, godless teenagers being organized into frenzied attacks against civilization, and the Aurora Mall in Colorado.

* No One Ever ExistedListen in to find out why the denial of Jesus’ existence is almost as ludicrous as the denial of about a hundred other biblical characters who have been confirmed from extra-biblical sources.

* Creation ScienceFind out the connection between Biblical creationists and the new disease breathalyzer being developed in England!

* Post-show Update: See on 7News our very own Leslie Hanks, president of American Right To Life, interviewed outside of Denver's Planned Parenthood abortuary.