Rules of Engagement Find Their Own Level

Like water, the law enforcement rules of engagement find their own level. Police officers are 18 times more likely to be killed by blacks than are blacks likely to be killed by cops. More than 6,000 blacks are killed annually, and subtracting all officer involved shootings makes almost no difference to the carnage. So in a crime epidemic, you will find that law enforcement officers appropriately begin to react to threats similarly to how soldiers on a battlefield react. For rules of engagement find their own level. And regardless of the fact that this is as it should be, this is as it must be. The alternative is to announce open season on the police and to hire human beings to stand in as targets for criminals. Like with Michael Brown in Ferguson, the cause of death for a significant number of black homicides is suicide by cop. Over and over, it is reckless self-loathing pot smoking criminals who threaten the police and end up dead. On today's program, Bob presents the only ways to end the nightmare; so expect the nightmare to continue.